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Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge is hosting a work weekend from October 14th to the 17th. If you are interested in joining, please register (below) or contact Chief Nick to learn more.

Register Here. 

Some of the projects we’ll be doing are:

  • Framing a duplex cabin
  • Staining Cabins
  • Regrading ball field and line-up field
  • Setting up woodshop
  • If we get enough people we will also work on finishing the treehouses

If this weekend doesn’t work for you but you would still like to pour some sweat equity into His place, we are ready to host you and your group of capable, hardworking volunteers throughout the fall, winter, spring. Volunteer work crews do not operate while camp is in session. We will be hosting more work weekends in the fall. To set up a time to volunteer please contact Chief Nick by email or call him at 828-435-2572.