Below you will find our check-in procedures for 2021. Please review the details below so that we can be ready to welcome you when camp starts. We look forward to seeing you for camp this year!

If after reading you have additional questions, feel free to contact Chief Nick with your questions any time by emailing or calling 855-HIS-CAMP.

Before Check-In

  1. Campers must arrive with proof of a negative COVID test, taken within 1-3 days of the start of camp, for each camper.
    • This must be a Molecular /PCR test. Antigen or RAPID tests are not sufficient.
    • Deerfoot has partnered with Heed Health to assist in making testing as painless as possible.
    • Heed Health provides $40 home testing kits that come with a prepaid overnight FedEx envelope. They have set up a website just for Deerfoot families to order test kits structured around your campers session dates.
    • We will also accept Molecular /PCRtest results from your home pediatrician, local health department, pharmacy or any other source that provides Molecular/ PCR Testing.
    • Campers who have had a positive test in the 3 months prior to starting camp and have met the criteria to end isolation should have a letter from their healthcare provider documenting the positive test date and stating the individual is cleared to end isolation.
  2. Please avoid unnecessary travel and/or large group gatherings in the two weeks before camp. If you have to travel please follow these guidelines.
  3. It is critical this year that all camper forms be completed online or mailed in before the start of camp.  You can access camper forms in your CampInTouch Account.

Check-In Day

  1. As you should be aware by now, check-in day at Deerfoot will be on Sunday, not Saturday.
  2. During check-in, we are limiting parent’s access to camp buildings.   Families who know camp well, that are willing to drop off without “visiting” the camp will be encouraged to do so.
  3. For others, we will give specific guidance on where to go, and we will ask that you wear masks.  Only 1 parent will be allowed inside their camper’s cabin to help him get settled.
  4. We know that this is often a great time for extended family and friends to visit camp. Only those people essential to drop off should accompany you to camp. If you’d like an in-depth tour of camp please call or email me to set up a time to visit in the spring or fall.
  5. Lake Glenville has beautiful public beaches and there are many outdoor restaurants and shopping options in Cashiers, NC for other people in your party to enjoy while you drop off your camper.
  6. Later this month you will receive an email assigning you a 1-hour block to drop off your camper. The times will be 2-3, 3-4, 4-5.
    • If you’d like to request a time slot now that fits your schedule please email Martha at
    • We know many of you are traveling long distances and things happen “on the road.” We will be flexible with arrival times. If you are running late we will ensure your son gets into camp. We won’t give away his slot and will work with you to create a fun and peaceful drop-off.
    • Implementing a staggered drop-off has been directed by NC but, if you’ve been on the road into camp, you know supporting two-way traffic is difficult. Adhering to your assigned times helps us on many fronts.
  7. Please fund your campers camp store account online before you arrive. (here are some instructions on how to do that)

While Camp Is In Session

  1. Cohorts –
    • We will emphasize games and activities by cohort groups.
    • At Deerfoot, a cohort will be a section (Woodsmen, Pioneer, Mountaineer).
    • The Deerfoot program has always operated this way. (we were doing cohorts before it was cool!).
  2. Masks –
    • Will not need to be worn
      • When with their cohort
      • In their cabin
      • Outside; unless they are within 6 ft from someone else not in their cohort
      • In a van on the way to a hike
      • When playing games/ sports
      • When within 6ft of vaccinated staff
    • Will need to be worn
      • When space between cohorts cannot be maintained while singing (this may happen during rain when all camp would be in the dining hall) Very likely we also might sing in the rain… Boss!
      • When within 6ft of someone not in their cohort who is not vaccinated
      • At trailheads with people not in their cohort
  3. Additional testing –
    • In accordance with NC guidance, we will be doing random, test screening 3-5 days after the start of camp.
    • This testing will be a BinaxNOW RAPID/ Antigen “home” test by Abbott. It is a nasal swab to the inside of the nose, not the nasopharyngeal swab also known as the “touch the brain” swab.
    • These tests will be given to any camper with COVID symptoms.
    • If a camper’s in-camp RAPID test is positive, we will notify the parents and take the camper into Cashiers (local town, 10-minute drive) to conduct a Molecular/ PCR test.
    • Your camper is welcome to stay at camp while we await the results of the PCR test (1-3 days).
    • During this time he will not be with his cabin but will have supervision and interaction with select staff.
    • If your camper’s PCR test is positive we will ask you to pick-up your camper within 24 hours.