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The counselors and support staff at Deerfoot Lodge share a genuine sense of purpose and God-given mission.  This is what makes camp special, and has been from the very start.  Our system of leadership and of sharing God’s word is designed to align with the needs of boys:  Rather than stand up and teach a large group, our counselors live alongside the boys at camp and demonstrate, one relationship at a time, what living for the Lord is about.  They are hard working, well trained, and committed to the mission of Deerfoot Lodge.

Trained to Serve

Deerfoot staff undergo thorough screening, including a multi-page application, reference checks, background checks, and in interview with the camp Director.  Once accepted they spend 3 weeks before camp begins training in wilderness first aid, lifeguarding, backcountry skills, and most of all in preparing their own hearts to be used by the Lord.


Deerfoot’s summer staff members are not professionals; whether kitchen staff, maintenance, or elsewhere.  They are simply well trained, hard-working young men who have a lot in common with the boys they lead and mentor.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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Nick & Martha Dotti


Chief Nick serves as Summer Camp Director of Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge, NC. He is a Lone Eagle, and longtime camper/staff. He even met his wife, Martha at a Deerfoot Work Weekend. Prior to joining the Deerfoot team, Chief Nick served for 20 years in the US Army Special Forces. Martha serves as the Registrar and Office Manager for Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge. Nick and Martha are parents to Maggie, John, and Cate.

Vicki Hamer


Vicki is our Blue Ridge Camp Health Center Manager. She is an emergency room nurse and a Certified Pediatric Nurse. She’s volunteered at the ADK camp for 4 years in the Health Center. Her sons, Drew and Luke, son-in-law, and grandson are all Deerfooters. 

Aaron & Liz

Aaron is the Full-time Facility Manager at Blue Ridge. Aaron started as a camper and then was on staff at Deerfoot Adirondack. He was the Assistant Facility Manager at ADK before being hired at Blue Ridge. Aaron is married to Liz and they are parents to David and Rebecca.

Ron & Anne Mackey


A Lone Eagle and longtime camper and staff, Chief Ron serves as Executive Director, overseeing the ministry at both Deerfoot Adirondacks and Blue Ridge sites. Chief Ron is an ordained minister with a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is married to Anne, who provides administrative support. Ron and Anne are parents to Emily, Abi, Sam, and Grace.

Meet Chief Nick Dotti

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Deerfoot Lodge Blue Ridge operates as Deerfoot Lodge Camps, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Christian Camps Inc. which is a 501c3 not-for profit corporation formed in 1930. To learn more about Christian Camps Inc. and the Board of Directors, click here.