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“Everything that arrives new leaves old.”

“A camper will probably wear only what he wants to wear at DL.”

We encourage you to have
your camper pack himself.

He will then know exactly what he has, where he put it, and why he brought it along. Be sure that everything is marked with your camper’s name—a black laundry marker works best. One change of “school clothes” for banquet night and church is sufficient. Layering to provide warmth is very important, and a wool sweater or fleece is essential for Mountaineers/Voyageurs/Guides. Wool/fleece materials provide warmth even when wet and should be included in every camper’s belongings. Cotton, when wet, will not keep anyone warm, and it dries slowly.

An old or inexpensive Bible in easy-to-read-English is best—NLT Bibles are available in the camp store. Sleeping bags should be rated at 30-40 degrees (F). Footwear, especially for hiking, should have good support and be well-broken in before arriving at camp. Mountaineers/Voyageurs/Guides will hike many miles of rough terrain. Good, broken-in hiking boots are a must! Campers may bring specialized sports equipment appropriate to Deerfoot Lodge and these will be kept with the DL equipment, but DL cannot assume responsibility for their safe return. These may include fishing and archery equipment. Campers are encouraged to bring musical instruments if they are able to play during the Sunday morning worship service.

What to Bring Checklist

Storage trunk

We recommend a 23 gallon locker/plastic tote. A plastic base is very important, as it will may be on the ground (essential for Indians and recommended for all).

Bible study materials

Bible, pencil or pen, and pad of paper.

Water bottle

Flashlight and batteries

Tip: Head lamps are popular.

Laundry bag

Have name on the outside. We do not do camper laundry.

Sleeping bag


2 towels


2-3 long-sleeve shirts & plenty of T-shirts.


4-5 pair.


6-12 pairs of socks (2-3 pairs of good hiking socks—not cotton). Lack of good socks is a major factor that leads to blisters.





Long pants

(jeans, etc).


Windbreaker-type jacket and hooded sweatshirt

Good rain gear


Sneakers and hiking shoes with solid soles.

Toilet articles

Comb, toothbrush, biodegradable soap that floats (plain Ivory
is the best option).

Fleece or wool cap and sweater

Recommended for all, but essential for Indians, Voyagers, and Guides.


Twin fitted sheet

Non aerosol Bug Spray

Goldbond and/or foot powder

Close toed sport sandal

Knife (folding and locking)

Small day pack

Personal overnight pack

(Deerfoot provides packs but if you already have a good one, you're welcome to bring it)

Sleeping pad for overnight hikes

Fishing Pole

Come to Camp


Be on Staff