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We are primarily evangelical and protestant in our affiliations, though we have no formal affiliation with any particular denomination.


Evangelism and discipleship are important parts of our mission, but we avoid high pressure methods to coerce campers to believe and grow in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.


We place a high value on the past traditions of Deerfoot, including but not limited to the Breaking of Bread service as a symbolic act that brings believers together in worship of Christ, a mix of traditional hymns and favorite contemporary songs, a specific style of corporate worship, a spirit of encouragement and building one another up, the importance of daily devotions, a rugged wilderness experience to teach Scriptural principles, and a commitment to model faith in all of life.


We embrace a culture of managed risk that produces growth in both staff and campers. Learning to identify and adapt to hazards in the wilderness, experiencing pristine parts of God’s creation not easily reached, the challenge of carrying a pack over distance on rugged trails, and living together in a primitive campsite community provide opportunities for the kinds of character and spiritual growth needed in godly young men.

Our Mission

The priority of our mission is to build godly men. We do this in a Christ-centered community through wilderness camping.

Life Together

We require staff and campers to live within DL’s expression of faith heritage and practice during their time at camp.